Bitchy Day

I knew starting out this morning that it was going to be a not great day and (whether it was because I was looking for it to be less than great or because it was just less than great) I was right.

I took it, probably, a little too personally that people in the general vicinity were kind of eating like pigs at a trough… Potato Chips can sound like you are eating an ENTIRE bag at once with your mouth wide open and lips a smacking or they can be eaten way more quietly. And an hour or so later, slurping up lunch and scraping and sucking the contents of the bowl can get a tad annoying.  More because you are drowning out the music being piped INTO my ears with your snackage.  That is pretty decent feat.

If I am head down with my headsets on and typing madly in a window that looks a lot like a DOS window… there is a good chance that I would rather not hear a lot about your sterling silver kid or how wonderful your morning was or how wonderful you are.  Honest.  If it is business related, interrupt what I”m doing (that I HAVE to get done by X o-clock) that’s fine… but if I am working on a tight deadline, bull $%^&&ING probably isn’t what I ought to be doing even if it means that you don’t get your ego boost that you need.  Tomorrow I will probably be in a better mood.  My hands may not be as cold.  My knees may not actually be feeling like someone is poking knife points into the joints.  I will probably make you feel much more like you are most wonderful and talented and entertaining.  Today… it might be nice just for a little while to let me do my job.

And if I’m in less than a conciliatory mood… don’t make fun of the fact that I’m wearing gloves inside to type with… I know I am probably the funniest thing that you have ever seen… but frankly, if I’m hurting and my fingers are numb… the cutesy comments about how silly I am aren’t going to go over very well. I very honestly don’t care that you think I’m hilarious.  I “get” to work from home one day a week and today wasn’t my day and I’m here.  settle for that, huh?  Get over it and get on with the business of business.  Find humor in my discomfort some other time.  Yes the tiger balm smells funny.  I don’t care.

Yes, I know I’m more moody today that I normally am.

Yes, I know that I’m not supposed to be human.

Yes, I actually got a few smiles today… one is part of the reason I feel like I can actually dump like this because it matters and it is real…

But you know what… some days are just bite me days and today was one of them.  With luck, tomorrow may be better.

For those of you taking notes… the cold is because of  Raynauds.  The knees and wrist are because of my RA.  Tomorrow will likely be a better day, it usually is, but today just isn’t.  If I can live with it, you can too.


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