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Coming Clean

Okay, okay, I’ve been pretty quiet (for me, that sometimes seems like a miracle… being quiet for any extended period of time…) for a bit.

Truth be told, my leg has been giving me some problems.  Okay… it has been beating the crap out of me.  I’m not sure why, and I’m not totally sure how, but something is definitely weird.

My left leg is being stupid.  Bear and I went for an 11 mile walk last Friday.  I got a couple wicked cool shirts at the sporting goods store… obscenely expensive but they are what I got in celebration of actually getting a bonus at work.  It was damp and chilly and my hip was kind of achey.  Not horrible, just kind of… I knew it was achey.  It was causing (well… I thought it was causing… ) me to walk with an odd limp.

The walk was great.  It was awesome.  We stopped at the library, went to the sporting goods store, investigated town, and had a good time.  On the way home, we stopped for lunch at the diner that we used to eat at on my work from home days.  It was a wonderful day.

By the time I got home, I was tired… it was 11 miles… I was tired and feeling kind of stiff but not anything awful.  It got worse.  By Saturday I was NOTICEABLY liming… badly.  I was actually thinking that I might really really want to go find Adam’s artsy fartsy cane and actually use it (even thought it is meant to be a decoration not a real cane…).  Hot baths… Blue over the counter pain relievers… Tiger Balm (the balm and the patches)… Vicki’s Boo Boo salve (I hope she has more of that, I want to order some… )… rest… Sunday wasn’t quite as bad until evening and by then it was starting to be really bad again…

Monday I was starting to feel human.  Not great, but able to walk and able to navigate without noticeable limp.  Tuesday it didn’t hurt.  YAY… it didn’t hurt.

Wasn’t OVERLY willing to whine.  I don’t want to dwell on the badness when the badness is there.  Sometimes it is there.  This time I was really wondering if I will end up riding in one of those Hover Rounds or walking with a walker or… what.  It was hard to deal with.  Reality, frequently, sucks.

But now something new has been added.

My right foot walks “right”.. “correctly”.. my foot stays turned in the right direction and it doesn’t “work” right.  I think this is worth a call to my Rheumy…

On the up side, I’m not itchy or rashy!

Being Gentle With Yourself

I was reading through some RA places (blogs, medical sites, general… stuff) this morning and thinking, at the same time, about some advice I gave someone I met on facebook (who said social networking and general game playing don’t have any side benefits…) who is new to the “adventure” (sarcasm implied) of rheumatoid arthritis.

This young woman has a young son who has epilepsy (again… go go social networking…) which is again how we started to interact.  She is going (hopefully) to see her arthritis doctor (not sure if it is a rheumy or not) soon, but was having an incredibly horrible flare last week.  She asked what she can do for the pain.

I gave her all of the tricks I’ve found (over the counter NSAIDs… hot bath… slink to keep weight off the painful shoulder… use other joints where you can, like open bottom cupboards with feet and shut doors with hip if it is shoulder-elbow-hand pain… oh… and… um… yeah… I had a package of metho-prednisone that the clinic prescribed for sore throat a while ago that I didn’t take many of, you know the ones, the blister packs that have the dosage on the back, if I get really really bad, I take a couple doses of that to try and take the edge off).  Yeah yeah, I know… but technically it was my prescription I was taking and  it isn’t like I haven’t been given the magic prednisone pills before.  There are times that you do what you have to do to keep from living the chewing glass kind of pain.

One of the best pieces of advice, though, that I think I gave her (and advice that I probably ought to take myself more often) is to be gentle with yourself, be understanding of yourself, and don’t just let people help if they offer, ask for help.

So that was the avenue I took down the… I’m up early, it is blissfully quiet but for the wind and the trains, I have warm coffee with cream, and I’m looking for research to help me with my RA book… rabbit trail.  I found some interesting takes on my theme.  Some make me cringe (especially given that my hip hurts about a 9.5 this morning from the change in weather) but in general they were good reads.

The Allegheny Medical Blog has some great suggestions, but not really if you are in the middle of the chew glass kind of pain… and most of it is kind of common sense, this is what will make you healthy, wealthy and wise kind of suggestions.  I always like to be reminded that stretching and gentle yoga can help and mindfulness of my own limitations lets me do this even when it hurts really bad and sometimes helps, but that isn’t something to actually take up when you are in the middle of “what the #@$$ can I do for this pain” kind of day.  And actually the 7 Fibromyalgia Coping Tips entry was more helpful and kind of more accurate.

I think, though, that one of the best pieces of advice is from Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy… Asking For Help Does Not Mean Giving In.  I guess it isn’t just a girl thing that says… I’m going to tough it out.. I’m not  asking for help, they should know I need help… or… I do NOT need help.  Let’s face it world, we all need help.  Don’t be afraid to accept it.  Don’t be afraid to ask for it.  I absolutely love RA Guy’s blog.  It is real.  It is honest.  It makes me have faith that I can do it even on my crappiest day.

And damn it, it isn’t just about RA, but every freaking thing in life.  Get over yourself.  Help someone, even if you don’t realize they need it.  Offering makes the heart smile.



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Loving Enbrel

I am tired, but I’m feeling so much better.  The shots aren’t comfortable but they are so worth it.  My wrist is being weird, but I think its weirdness is more because it is what is is… my boo boo wrist.


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An RA geek looks at the half marathon Part 1

It was suggested that it is a good idea to stay as active as possible.  It was also suggested that “running” may not be the best idea in all RA cases (or Pilate’s for that matter).  The half seemed doable.  The rheumatologist seemed to be okay with this as long as you’re careful.

It was only three months after diagnosis… it was scary… it was really really scary.  Yoga class had been going on for only a month and it was valentines day and adrenaline was high.  So was my RA.  I was immensely happy that at least Adam went with me and he even volunteered at the event.   It did him good.  He realized that people don’t always judge you just by what they see.

I finished.  I almost literally drug myself across the finish line, but I finished.  I was in SO much pain at the time that I could have cried.  Adam drove home.

The high point of the race was getting to see the city at eye level and getting to see things that go unnoticed… seeing people pushing as hard as everyone else was pushing.  It became goals to see the mileage signs and to see who in the same race kept pace with whom.

Today starts this year’s actual event deal.  It is the Marathon Expo.  I have my fanny pack all ready to go.  Purple dry fit long sleeved “under” shirt, my Epilepsy Awareness shirt, my running pants, my wicking socks and my Nike’s are folded on the end of the bed.  Camera ready, batteries charged (even the extra one) and the memory card empty.  Pictures will be posted.

<<< Time Passes >>>

People At The Expo

People at the Expo, there to buy stuff… there to pick up their bibs… there to experience the experience… Interesting.  Got greek yogurt for breakfast tomorrow and munchy bars for in the ‘race’ … probiotic drink stuff (it is supposed to help with the immune system…. I know that they mean for ‘normal’ people who take the stuff right after the race… but I’m all for improved immune system.

Where the Expo Was

This is the event center where the expo is.  It was rainy… Guess who managed to fall up the wet curb in the mud… good thing the camera is water proof and shock proof.  Felt like a graceful dork.  8 people ran to help me up.  Knee hurts from falling.  Wrist hurts from trying to catch myself falling.  Grace.

town from the hill where we parked...

Shot from where we parked.  Narrow picture of the sky line.

The rain is supposed to end today.  This is a good thing.  now… wish me luck.



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The Hottest Fires

The hotrest fires make the strongest steel… I wonder if the same thing applies to peoples nature… Those wo go through the hottest fires turn out strongest…..

My RA Flu Story

Okay… not that anyone is getting as sick of this flu thing as I am… but now that I’m kind of feeling semi human again… it is time to pull together some kind of logical series of events.  Maybe someone will read it and learn from my adventure.

Yeah… I’m feeling more human… it is an adventure…

Wednesday I was feeling like I had a cold… a little congestion… kind of yukky… nothing big… just a cold.  Probably not.  Ah for 20-20 hindsight… Got my Enbrel shot… which went surprisingly well this time.  I’m getting used to them and the side effects weren’t even too yukky…The weird ice thing we had going on meant I worked from home so it was cool.. took my Enbrel even earlier in the day.

Thursday (YOGA day) I went to work.  I had stuff I had to get finished and I was so wanting to get it done and get to my Yoga class… I look forward to Thursdays and Yoga.  By lunch time I knew there was no way I could go to yoga.  I felt horrible and it came on relatively quickly.  I got sent home to work from home and try to get a little rest…

Friday I was working from home because I still felt crappy.  I felt bad enough I actually caved in and made a doctor appointment despite the fact that my ‘regular’ doctor wasn’t available.  It usually has to be pretty bad before I decide to cough it up and go to the doctor.    It was pretty bad.

No fever… interesting…. but when they stuck the giant ear-tip up my nose and it came back positive I was less than thrilled.  The new doctor was kind of concerned about the fact that I’m on Enbrel and I had a flu shot and still tested positive and having a compromised immune system… not so great.

Got a script for Tamiflu… and instructions to call my Rheumy (Sean… her nurse) to verify.

I made it into the Sean queue just a scooch under the “we leave at noon” deadline.  I’m not sure if I’m glad or not.  Sean’s concern was kind of scary.  He asked if I was having symptoms or if I was exposed to someone with Flu or… he wasn’t happy when I told him I tested positive already… Don’t take Enbrel shot… too late… Don’t take the next one until I feel 100% for 3 – 5 days (really?  100%?  I haven’t actually felt 100% in HOW long?)   Eesh.

Boss man gave me permission to rest the rest of the day and get ready to do maintenance Saturday.  Really?? eesh.

I slept

MASSIVE headache on Saturday.  I feel really guilty because I have been worrying bear so badly.  He was really rattled and I feel really really bad about that.  I hate when I worry him.

Today we went for half of our Sunday walk and it was great… and it was awful.  I was exhausted by the time we got home… but it was better.

Type B Flu

According to WebMD


What Is Type B flu Virus?

Unlike type A flu viruses, type B flu is found only in humans. Type B flu may cause a less severe reaction than type A flu virus, but occasionally, type B flu can still be extremely harmful. Influenza type B viruses are not classified by subtype and do not cause pandemics.

This “may” cause a less severe reaction… wow… if Type A is worse than this I’m glad I got B… I think… or maybe not.

Now I’m worried to death about infecting the rest of the family and I’m guilt ridden about worrying everyone so much.  I must be feeling marginally better… I’m feeling guilty… and eating chipped ham sandwiches.

I feel really bad worrying everyone.  Especially today.  I had a headache that felt like a tooth ache but from the bottom of my nose to about a foot over the top of my head.  It was the worst head ache I ever remember having.  And I worried bear and I feel really bad for that.

Tamiflu is wonderful, though.  And so is powdered drink mix that tastes like lemonade.