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Because It Makes A Difference

So, I’m sitting here having a text message conversation with someone who I used to work with. She is 4 months down the “just diagnosed” trail. Prednisone for 4 months, MTX for 4 months. She just switched to my Rheumy … Continue reading


All about the perspective

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So, I’ve been dwelling a good bit lately because I know that people think I’m as dumb as a box of rocks. My post yesterday kind of dwelt on that. I’ve been torn between being dumber than a box of … Continue reading

Training thoughts… Disney Half Marathon 2014

I am fighting a fungal infection, a nasty cyst that needed to be lanced that is trying hard to drain, and getting my brain back into the groove of being “normal” again.  So, right now, I’m not really working much towards lowering weight or anything, but raising my water intake and getting my health stable again.
The doctor is happy that I’m healing so well with the new antibiotics and I haven’t had a pain pill in 24 hours so the end of the tunnel is in sight.
I signed up, yesterday, for a Gold’s Gym membership.  I am going to start training in a more logical and practical way here in the next couple days (as soon as I don’t want to scratch a few inches of skin off).  In the mean time, I’m really starting to think that I can do this, I can finish Disney and not get swept and still have a really special vacation.
I know that I really need to start doing something for me.  I’m starting to stress a LOT because I’m up till midnight answering questions and fixing problems and up at 5 answering questions and fixing problems and if I don’t soon start trying to do SOMETHING just for me, I’m going to start throwing things.  I can feel it starting to creep up under my skin.
You can sleep
HEY… why are you awake
answer this
you can sleep
HEY… what is this
answer this
you can sleep
……. sigh… Times like this I really wish I could be like everybody else…


Fear Bites

So… here I am, faced with my ultimate dilema. I’m starting to feel human again. I can make decent tme on my walk. I can feel like getting out and pushing again. I am looking forward (deranged individual that I … Continue reading


Long Week

So… here we are again fair reader… (yeah yeah… it is a weird morning… give me a break)… It has been a long week… and my body is reminding me that it has been a long week. This week… Adam … Continue reading



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Wikipedia suggests that… A person who has an immunodeficiency of any kind is said to be immunocompromised. But… what exactly does that mean? When you have RA (or any of a family of autoimmune ‘diseases’) your immune system has totally … Continue reading


Okay… so today I got diagnosed with Type B flu.

I hate having a swab stuck up my nose that far

I hate hearing the actual concern in Sean’s voice when he hears that I’m 7 weeks into Enbrel and am diagnosed with Type B Flu.  It won’t set me back if I miss a week and I have to be feeling 100% (I haven’t felt 100% in several years… that ought to be interesting) for 3-5 days before my next shot.

And I am going to have to feel way better before next weekend.

This is kind of scary.  I can’t imagine how horrible I would be feeling if I hadn’t had my flu shot….

Yoga… Day 1

Well, yesterday was my first day of yoga.  Sixty min a day once a week is going to be the perfect amount to get me started.  I tried “taping” the class… but my nano won’t pick up enough to make it very useful.  I will try with my little voice recorder next time.  It seems to do better.

The class made me sore, but sore in a good way.  The teacher gave us a pretty thorough amount of information on poses… and after class people were kind of pulling together into a team to talk about how NOT a total beginner’s class it was and how fast she went and how they thought everyone did.

There were some people in class who were WAY good.  I followed along with the lady next to me.  Apparently that made me seem to be a better than average person.  interesting.

A couple people commented on how far I could take the poses since this is my first class.  I figure my Rheumy will kind of comment somewhere along the way.  She already made the comment that I should, based on where I am in my disease, hurt way more than I do and be less limber than I am but the stretching that I do in the morning after I work out (which I SO have to get back to…) is having its effect.  I’m glad it is. Maybe if it wasn’t… I would have gotten help sooner… but it is what it is.

Now… I need to get a listing of all of the poses that we did and start looking them up and getting a better idea how to do them RIGHT and how to move from one to the other.

It’s Saturday again already?

Wow… the end of one of the longest weeks I can ever remember.  It has been an adventure, and the beginning of an adventure… (and out of frustration and anger… another blog… this one, not surprisingly, on our epilepsy journey… it is new, and sparse right now, but I know what I need to do with it since there are very few blogs that I’ve been able to find on epilepsy like so many wonderful people have on RA…  ).

Last night was week 2 on 8 pills of MTX.  My knuckle bump seems to be staying down even after almost 2 weeks off of prednisone… so maybe maybe maybe it really is the MTX helping… it is apparently having an affect on my hair… my PCP asked me if that was what I was attributing the hair loss to.

thanks… I needed that… like I needed the rest of my week.. eesh…

I did get my lab results back from PCP… cholesterol is still a little high… don’t know how hight but a little high… so I need to watch my diet better.  I wonder if the cholesterol is because (partly) of the diet I ate in preparation and recovery from the race…   It is pager week… so I won’t be doing much in the way of distance work this week (at least not until Friday) but I need to get back to the gym starting Tuesday.

I signed up for a yoga class that the HR department at work is offering for $25… 12 weekly classes on Thursdays… I’m hoping that helps with my focus and stress level.  Oddly, with all of the stretching I do when I run, my flexibility isn’t so bad… but this should help with that, as well.

Today is a learning and catching up kind of day.  Supper is beef/pork soup day.  A quick trip to the store will grab cabbage, potatoes and carrots to toss in with the other veggies and some barley… maybe a loaf of Italian bread (also known by the kids as “good bread”) will round out dinner.  Maybe a batch or two of home made brownies too… yeah, I’m in THAT kind of mood.  add to that doing research and catching up on reading everyone’s blogs to see where they are and that will make today a wrap.

Now… a cup of coffee… a hot bath… clean clothes and we are off…

Have a magical day!

Spa treatment from Rainbow Sky

Now, I’m starting to take training more seriously.  I have started to push more and as a result I’ve started to feel sore more and more… muscle sore, tired, achy… enter, spoiling myself with stuff that I’ve gotten from Rainbow Sky.  The online store is an amazing place run by a totally crazy awesomely special lady.

I have started using  BooBoo Balm on my muscles when I start getting sore.  I even use it on my sore feet when I start to feel like I’ve worn my shoes wrong.   It doesn’t smell like a locker room and it rubs in and doesn’t leave you feeling really greasy.  And with the Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in it, it makes my skin feel better when I’m done, too.  Going to have to splurge on another 5 oz jar before long!  It lasts for a long time if you use it the way that Sky suggests.

I really love Rainbow Sky’s stuff.  She takes such care in her products… I got a small basket of soaps that squirreld away because the homemade soaps make me feel spoiled, too, and I don’t know what is in them, but they clean away the sweaty feeling without drying or being heavy.  The bars last a long time and many of the “flavors” have exfoliate qualities that make me feel all clean and scrubbed without being too rough.

I know is probably isn’t really what a spa treatment is really like, but you know what, it is close and it makes me feel fantastic to do stuff that is good for my body while not adding meds that really aren’t necessary.