Dear IF, July 21, 2017

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Dear IF The homecoming parade was kind of awesome the other night. Squirrel and I drove and parked on our way home from Cleveland. Bear walked from home and then walked back home. He made it with 25 minutes of … Continue reading


Re: Imminent Forthcoming

  So, you may have noticed that there have been some letters showing up here in my little corner of the inter-web. They are written to “Imminent Forthcoming”.  Those are synonyms I found for Destiny.  I was going to write … Continue reading


Dear IF, July 19, 2017

Dear IF Good morning, dear friend. It’s Wednesday already, and it is “Homecoming” here. Homecoming reminds me a lot of Street Fair when I was a kid, except we don’t actually have anything vaguely resembling a downtown therefore can’t have … Continue reading


Dear Imminent Forthcoming, July 18, 2017

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Dear Imminent Forthcoming (IF), It is July 18, 2017. The sun in Cleveland is hazzy an damp. It is Tuesday. I am listening to “The Second Summer of the Sisterhood”. I have decided, dear IF, to start to write you … Continue reading


When Change Happens

It’s been a very very long week.  It was a very very long week by Monday and it has just gotten longer as the week went on, and I realize more and more how much stress completely depletes me. Saturday … Continue reading


I’m A tri-athlete!

I read a comment this week on an article about a woman who does triathlons and iron-mans and is a dancer and a gymnast and who also has RA.  A comment on the ‘share’ of the article commented that it … Continue reading


Scared in the dark

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In the daylight, it’s easier to keep my mind busy, easier to not think because I’m thinking, easier to quiet the voices that whisper in the silence.  At night, not so much.  At night, all of the things that I … Continue reading

Sit in the Garden and Soak Up Some Fresh Air


Spoon Shortage Sue & Spoonie Spaniel  on Facebook started a really neat calendar full of ideas that you can use to enjoy your day… enjoy your month… just spend a little time enjoying.  If you’re on Facebook, I highly recommend her page.  She is very up beat but she keeps it real.

Today’s ‘task’ is ti sit in the garden and soak up some fresh air.  While I have to admit that I’m spending extra spoons (sometimes many extra spoons) trying to keep up with this summer, this morning I’m doing just this.  I am sitting in the not quite morning, listening to the birds, enjoying the quiet and it’s helping.  I know I will wish I could have bottled this in about six hours when we are in the middle of Columbus zoo and I know I will probably regret not taking the extra time this morning to work on my book like I’m supposed to, but right now I’m enjoying Lemon Lavender Lane tea and just sitting.

Sometimes you just have to do the needful for yourself.


Love and Light

April Wells


Fighting For Health

It’s been a long week and it’s only Thursday.  I’m listening to “Hiking Through” by Paul Stutzman.  I was really hoping today would be good.  But the sky is heavy and gray and nothing seems to be helping the stars … Continue reading


Stress is Exhausting

It’s way o-dark-thirty… but the birds are singing and it is going to be comfortable enough to work on the porch so that is a plus.  Humid as all get out this morning, though.   It’s been a really rough … Continue reading