I Won’t Apologize For Being Me

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Fear Factor… Reading Race Posts for the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2018

So… I’m feeling all hyped and at the same time apprehensive for the 2019 Princess Fairytale Challenge.  10k Saturday, half marathon Sunday… February 2019… Yesterday it became official… we booked through a travel agent for the challenge bibs, rooms, dining plan and park tickets for 10 days.  I’m actively working towards a goal completely terrified I won’t make it… but a goal none the less.

I’ve been eavesdropping on conversations on Facebook groups about this year’s race.  Some I can so totally relate to… some not so much… but it’s all information and it’s all good.

This morning I saw a post that stopped me dead in my tracks…

I had the flu but mostly recovered, did the 10k but the morning of the half had a sore throat and fever but I wanted to do it anyway but <ajw THANK GOD> couldn’t… found out I had strep….

I had the flu and did the 10k but couldn’t do the half…

okay…. pretend you are on the other end of that discussion ….

I spend an OBSCENE amount of money dumbing down my immune system. My body hates me and attacks itself if I don’t. I find any way I can to not touch things like tables in public places, elevator buttons, gym machines that inconsiderate ass holes use and hang all over and sweat all over the treadmill and walk away without listening to the signs saying that after you sweat all over everything wipe it off…. I am overly cautious and I’m overly cognizant of this kind of thing…. frankly because I have to be. I read posts DUMPING on inconsiderate people at the races who walk in the wrong places or jump into corrals where they don’t belong…. and then I read the posts that say that they have incredibly contagious diseases (in a year when a lot of people…people like me…. people like….oh you know… the little kids you’re around) from just these diseases. But I guess that contaminating the happiest place on earth is way less inconsiderate than all of the other stuff because it’s you?

Do I know there are people who don’t think… yeah. Do I know there are people who just don’t care, yeah. But as long as you are talking about entitled people being inconsiderate to you, realize the mirror works both ways.


Rant over…

Coffee consumed….

Off to infusion time to dumb down my immune system some more…

Love and light




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